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Very pleased to help a client recover over $21,000 she was scammed out of by a predatory mall samples business. Please be very careful with signing any documents you do not fully understand. She is a senior citizen and was given a document to sign that did not show any prices, but referenced another “invoice” that ended up being for a lot more than she bargained for.

I personally confronted the mall business about its practices the same day we visited with our client, with some help from the very courteous and professional mall manager, and were able to get her situation resolved and all her money refunded within 24 hours.

The client was kind enough to send us the note above. We are happy to help consumers and businesses with all types of frauds and scams.

Very happy to help Wendy Urbina finally get a property damage check for insurer for a vehicle-involved in a collison which left her car totaled.

Four months later, the insurer for the other vehicle is still “investigating.”

We’re filing suit on Tues. At the Kitchens Law Firm we won’t let insurers just keep giving you the run around.


Very happy to help Jose Rodriguez recover limits from insurers for two drivers who were apparently involved in a street race on Parmer after the Super Bowl.
Their recklessness resulted in one dying after crashing into Mr. Rodriguez’s car and setting it on fire.
Please do not attempt street racing of any kind, at any time.
Mr. Rodriguez is a young father and we are very glad he survived.


Very happy to help Ms. Aguirre recover on her first party insurance claim against her own insurance. Jennifer paid her premiums for uninsured motorist coverage every month, but when she got in a serious wreck her insurer would not step up and cover her injuries until she sued them.
This kind of thing is disappointing, but we are very happy to have been able to help her get a solid recovery after she decided to stand up for her rights.

Very happy to help Theresa Wright get a good settlement after being hit by a dump truck that demolished her small vehicle and caused her serious injuries.
Claims against government entities in Texas are subject to special laws, and require expertise in handling. Here at the Kitchens Law Firm we are very happy to help you if you have been injured as a result of negligence by any city, county, or state involving government vehicles, or on government grounds.

Very happy to get Mr. Vincent Puente a settlement on his claim for injury from a foreign object in food.
We handle a wide variety of serious personal injury claims including car and trucking accidents, animal attacks, workplace injuries, slips and falls, and adulterated foods claims. We would love to hear from you if you’ve had an injury.

Two years ago I was very happy to help this family with a dispute with Airbnb which was successfully resolved. We are happy to help people in a wide range of consumer disputes, in addition to our personal injury and business litigation work

Very happy to help Mr. Kevin Lash settle his claims against a car dealership. Here at the Kitchens Law Firm we do consumer work in addition to personal injury, and are happy to help you with claims against stores, service providers, contractors, and dealers for bad products or services.

Very happy to help Romelia Lopez, sister of a former client, resolve her case. Even though the other driver died from unrelated causes while the case was pending, and the insurance company played hardball, we stuck with it until we got her a good settlement.
At the Kitchens Law Firm, every client is important. Hablamos Español, y estamos muy felices proteger la gente.

Very happy to help Mr. Alejandro Gutierrez settle both his property damage and bodily injury claims from a complex multi-vehicle collision. At the Kitchens Law Firm we’re not afraid of cases that are going to take a little work.
We also have a majority bilingual staff, and a fully bilingual attorney.

Very happy to get a solid settlement for my night watchman Mr. Lenon Brandon. The insurance company tried to lowball him with an offer to settle right after his collision.

Here at the Kitchens Law Firm we help people get reasonable compensation and avoid insurance company swoop and settle tactics.

We Hook ‘Em!

Happy to get a good recovery for Mr. Jonathan Linder in an 18 wheeler collision in South Texas.

At KLF giving our clients the best customer service is no tall order.


We were happy to help Mr. Nick Leidtke get a confidential settlement of his business dispute with his former employers.

We are pleased to handle many types of business and general civil litigation claims, as well as personal injury and consumer cases

Happy to help repeat client Ms. Maria Salgado settle her auto accident case. We fought long and hard to get her a good result, and consider repeat business and referrals from former clients our highest professional complement.

Let us know if we can help you your with personal injury, collections, or business or consumer disputes.

Happy to help Ms. Ana Galvan get a settlement on a case where ACCC insurance originally denied liability.

At KLF we are not afraid to work challenging cases for good clients.

We were happy to close out our representation defending Mr. Brett Gomber against a personal injury suit we were able to settle fairly quickly.

We offer direct representation at competitive hourly rate of persons sued for personal injuries not covered by an insurance carrier. In this case we were happy to be able to also get Brett back some of his initial retainer payment

Happy to get repeat client Ms. Siveria Lopez a Covid friendly settlement for policy limits.

The Kitchens Law Firm was happy to help Kristin Soto get a confidential settlement against Capital Metro, on an accident with a City Bus.

Will consider it a nice baby shower for the little guy, set to arrive in July!

We were happy to get claims against Ms. Bradley dismissed on a limitations defense, pending finalization.

We also do defense work for individuals and businesses.

Happy to close out a case for Armando, Manuel, and Ricardo Pacheco just in time for Thanksgiving, and a day before Manuel leaves for Mexico.

We have fluent Spanish speakers, including myself, and proudly represent members of Austin‘s Hispanic community.

Happy to help Mr. Ken Flippin recover policy limits from a driver who tried to pretend he was someone else. They may run, but we won’t let them hide.

Glad we were able to help Brytani Cavil and Donavan Brooks get their bills paid and some money in pocket after an unfortunate collision outside the Academy parking lot. Liability was a swearing match but they were wise enough to purchase a lot of UIM and PIP coverage.

Everyone should seriously consider doing this, they will be very glad if they get in a injury-accident where the other side disputes liability.

Very happy to help Mike Lugo get his UIM carrier, Geico, to finally pay the benefits he’s been paying them premiums on for years.

When they BS, we make them back down.


We were happy to help Joseph Brown recover policy limits on his highway auto collision, and net a substantial amount in pocket after navigating a child support lien.

If you need a jazz pianist, we can put you in touch with Joseph.

Happy to get a settlement for Ms. Laura Viveros Hernandez, a nice person who had a nasty wreck in Round Rock when a careless driver didn’t yield turning left across three lanes. State Farm tried to say she was somehow at fault, but we were able to get Laura’s case resolved for a solid recovery. We were also very pleased to net Laura Hernandez an additional $1591, three weeks after her liability settlement, after securing an additional hospital lien reduction, and netting her the difference.

I’m very glad things turned out well for this nice young lady.

Happy to get Jonathan Bandera some compensation after being hit by a drunk driver.

The driver’s Alisnco insurance initially tried to deny coverage because he fled the scene before police arrived to ID him, but we brought them around in the end.

Happy to get a bit of justice for our clients the Hensleys. Fred Loya insurance took their vehicle without authorization to an auction facility two counties away, while denying liability and refusing to pay for it.
When confronted, Loya insisted it did have authority, via a recording they refused to produce, then claimed never existed despite two recordings claiming they had it.
We initially offered to settle for return of the vehicle and cost of the tow, but Loya preferred to get sued and pay $10,000 in settlement.
“Thank you Fred Loya”

Happy to help Mr. Jason Dominguez settle his suit with an Empower insured.

The Kitchens Law Firm is happy to have settled Ms. Brooke Gutierrez’s claims on behalf of her daughter Kaela and her son Eric “Bam” Gonzales. Both are fortunate to not have been more seriously injured in an unfortunate collision caused by a Capital Metro bus. Big congratulations on Neo, the new arrival!

We are very happy for Candace Duval and Ken Flippin. We were able to achieve resolution of their house fire claim, four days before Thanksgiving.

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